Toyota Tundra – reviews

I’m Scott Megill, he’d had and now normally this is where you’d find in 1 of my article sit behind the wheel my Phoenix 721 running down some like on the Bassmaster open trial. But to get to those likes you got have a great day a vehicle so this week we’re going take a quick tour money vehicle for this year at the 2015 Toyota Tundra crew Max. I made a swap to Toyota after several years running competitive products. After a test ride bass pro one day had a truck 10000 pound trailer hooked to it and I was amazed at how well it accelerated and handle that much white behind it.

Course the crew Max edition, has a 5.5 foot bed so got plenty of storage space for all my extra tackle law spare trolling motor props all that sort of stuff, I carry one I’m on the road come standard as well with a towing package which includes a transmission oil cooler autumn internal cooler and of course electrical all plug 7 broke Lecter plug and you’re off wait equalizing trailer hitch. You set up and ready to go straight from the factory. For great tow vehicle you need a lot of power in this 5.7 liter V8 gives it to you 381 horsepower got all you need it barely notices the Phoenix is back there at all if you need to pass this power to spare. All that power is great but what I’m really looking forward to comparable trucks and Toyotas headed out the park with a 7094 nation.

Toyota TundraIn addition to the normal extra legroom and headroom that Toyota has an older models they’ve got the 7094 nation has got upgraded leather seats their heated and ventilated power seats of course with memory. Are you also have a all power tilt and telescoping steering wheel and of course the upgraded radio system of backup camera. The radio system that comes standard in 1794 is a big a permit from what was in my 2012 model of 1 of the great things about it is you can split, the screen freeways are 2 ways and you get to pick what goes in the section. I run mine with the off radio in 1 slot must be doused another navigation their data got, a navigational jets tested gringo strike Dyer who want to go back to the home screen to push the home button, you got it all all it’s also got a map system in it where if we want to get into a bidding search she’s banned or art radio wall. Installed on the machine beautiful LED lights, 2007 Toyota Tundra headlights which are great vetyat night and day.

Jet fuel prices along around salt whether one hour traveling Lotta great features it might get from point a to point B, a lot easier than it used to be. The groom had she got plenty of space in the backseat as well so I’m carrying 3 guys to dinner one night are just simply need a little extra spice to store some tackle I’ve got plenty of it. So there you have it that’s quick overview of my 2015 Toyota tundra crew Max all 1794 nation. The great vehicle I won’t say I’m looking forward to the first long drive but at least I know I’ll be comfortable when I make it. So if you’re looking for neato vehicle give Toyota shot if you have to be in the Jackson Mississippi area be sure to go by Greg Daniels and ask for it around in my Quintela mustn’t.