How to choose the suspension shock absorbers

suspension shock absorbersIt should be remembered that the shock absorbers are primarily, the safety of a vehicle that provides comfort for the driver. During shock absorbers replacement the character of the car can be significantly changed and you should to get used to this. But the main thing is to choose the correct shock absorbers for your driving style.
When you are facing a dilemma of shock absorber, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the shock absorbers and the list of additional parts. The period of service of shock absorbers depends on the overall structure of the suspension, the road on which to travel to and from the driving style. Inside the shock absorber oil is present, that’s why the main parameter is the structure of the working substance.

Oil shock absorbers are suitable for cars, whose drivers are not fond of long journeys at high speed. But for a quick drive outside the city are ideal gas oil shock absorber, in which the occurrence of foam and bubbles is minimized.

Gas shock absorbers can cause discomfort in driving because of increased sensitivity and all the bumps on the road, but the great advantage of these shock absorbers is that they improve the management, it is an excellent choice for those who prefer to drive at high speed, choosing the route for this.

The choice of air filter

Not only people, but also cars need to breathe. The air filter is used to clear the air for the engine.

How much can the air filters differ from each other? It seems so easy– take it to the laboratory and check. But is it necessary? After all, most of the local and foreign manufacturers use the same source material for the manufacture of filters, which is a filter cardboard from several world- famous brands. Therefore, the attempt to check the main qualities of filters– accuracy of dropout rate, dust transmission, etc. will probably disappoint an unlucky researcher. The differences between ten different filters can be minimum or, in any case, minor.

air filter

Another difference of filters is a white strip of foam rubber-like material, encircling the filter from the outside,- it is a so-called pre- cleaner. It has relatively large pores and used to hold the largest ” trash from falling into the ” gentle ” filter paper.