0.5-second charge batteries for car

charge batteries The Norwegian scientists from the University of Oslo have created the batteries with the technology, allowing you to recharge the battery of your car to full in half a second.

According to the creators of the battery, in the era of development of the electric cars such technology can be a real revolution in the area of environmentally friendly transport.

The invention also has its disadvantages, which include the battery capacity. It makes this technology not particularly advantageous for the use in the passenger cars. The scientists see the realization of this technology first of all in the urban passenger and freight transport. Instead of installing the bulky batteries and 2013 ford fusion headlights, the buses can use this technology and just recharge the battery at each stop in a very short time. This development can bring a lot of benefits, even despite the need to build the network of special gas station, taking into account the rise in the price of lithium.