Recent development of Bridgestone product

Recent development of Bridgestone product

Fans of aggressive driving should pay attention to the latest development of 2016. There are tires Potenza RE003 Adrenalin. They have the optimum combination of acceleration, running and braking features. The car behaves the same stable as at the high-speed lines highways so on winding mountain serpentines. Although the production of the entire range of tire products is carried out by qualified personnel, at all stages of production strict quality control is carried out.

Bridgestone product

Company pays great attention to environmental protection. Major technological innovations of the company aimed at improving product reliability. Thus, united in a single unit shoulder blocks significantly increase the rigidity of the ramp. This improved grip performance on the road, the car becomes more stable on a slippery canvas. Due to the fact that the central groove has a wavy line, the risk of car navigation at high speed is reduced.

Specially tire Dueler HP Sport has been designed for off-road cars. In these tires the driver feels comfortable with any road surface. The structure includes a silicon rubber, which makes the product reliable enough. Special drawing structure provides directional stability at all speeds, and safe cornering on dry and wet pavement.