Ford – Bad fuel pump diagnostic

fuel pumpSo this is a 2005 Ford ranger it’s got the 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine and it was having a problem where the. Car would be hard to start and it would also occasionally throw in a 171 lean code P. 0171 feel trim bank 1 to lean so anyways I got this fuel pressure gauge Reagan to the factory test port there you remove the little blue Schrader valve cap got my fuel pressure tester on here now this is kind of a cheapo gauge where the white mark is right here at the end of my finger that’s the 0 that’s where it bottoms out so what I’m gonna do here and cycle the key a couple of times while keeping an eye on the gate key is on right now you can see it comes up a little.

And please write us so we do a few times cycle the key a couple times build up the pressure. Yeah I can’t really get it to go much above 40. Even with a fairly rapid key stake going almost 50 there. That anyway what you get a little bit of fuel out there you can get to start but you can see how fast.

He just believes all the way back down so it’s not holding any residual fuel pressure with the key off which I believe is a problem to do with the check valve in the fuel pump. So when we do here is Just to show what happened build up a little bit of pressure. N’t. The engine starts we get about. Me on my. The. I noted it. By all. Say. I believe that the engine is running. Yeah. About. Yeah sire cell on the field prior.

More than a couple. Yeah. One or 2 PSI. Yeah. It does come. Reason. Gonna go ahead and. Fuel pump. Now and. And will run the same. See what it does. But. No one except on. There you know about. Just dropped like a rock. And it should hold I believe that that. Therese back. Is it should hold a minimum of I believe 25 PSI for like. 20 or 30 minutes so. It it but this thing is holding absolutely nothing so we’re gonna do I change out that fuel park and see what happens.